Private Clients


To invest, advise and serve on your behalf, we at BIC Asset Management begin with a simple but important step: We listen—to you.

We build our relationships on a foundation of careful listening, so we can understand each client’s specific situation, and the role that they want us to play for them. Some clients are looking for a pure investment advisor, while others may seek more of a “family quarterback”; some clients look to us to manage their money ourselves, while others seek our assistance in selecting top-quality external managers.

It all begins with listening. We ask you about your concerns, your needs and your hopes so that we can craft a customized plan to deliver the investment performance, strategic advice and client service that you deserve.

You invest to accomplish specific goals, not to beat a stock index. We build your portfolio the same way, to make achieving your goals the benchmark.

Whether we are managing your entire portfolio, a single asset class or a single strategy, we aim to provide you with a thoughtfully constructed solution, based on a comprehensive assessment of your circumstances and needs.