Strategic Advice: A Broader Perspective on Investing


Making decisions about your assets in the pursuit of ambitious goals can be challenging. How you decide to structure your estate can have lasting impacts—not just on your portfolio results, but on your family relationships and the lessons passed to your children and grandchildren. How you decide to sell a business that took generations to build may affect hundreds or even thousands of employees who depend on you.

As your investment advisor, we want to help you make sound investment decisions. Our investment team includes experts in tax, trust and estate law, and other fields that help us provide you with guidance on a wide range of issues: how to best use trusts for spousal and wealth transfers to the next generation, how to factor sustainability into your portfolio, how to realize your philanthropic goals, and many others. Many planning techniques that are available to you are relatively complex, and we aim to provide you a clear understanding of your choices. We collaborate with your attorneys, accountants and outside advisors to coordinate the decisions that will best achieve your long-term goals.


To make a difference for you, we first need to earn your trust.

We know that your decision to work with BIC Asset Management is a choice to trust us with your financial well-being. Everyone at BIC Asset Management is devoted to doing whatever it takes to build that trust over time.